The U.S. Supreme Court overturned decades of precedent with its June 24, 2022 Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling. It’s now up to each State Legislature to decide abortion rights for their state. Iowa Republicans have already stated their intentions to outlaw abortion in Iowa. Republicans hold the majorities in the Iowa House and Senate. Governor Reynolds has indicated that she will sign a bill banning abortion in Iowa.

Senator Claire Celsi serves on the Senate State Government Committee. The Republican Constitutional Amendment passed through this committee and Senator Celsi led the Democrats’ floor fight to stop the bill. Senator Celsi is passionate about Iowans maintaining their rights to a complete range of reproductive healthcare, including safe and readily accessible abortion. Celsi has spoken out forcefully about the Constitutional right to an abortion in Iowa on the Senate floor.

Sen. Claire Celsi, D-West Des Moines, said the Iowa Constitution has been amended several times, but it was always to expand the rights of Iowans. She said this amendment would take rights away.

“Public poll after public poll affirms that our constituents trust pregnant Iowans to make decisions about their own bodies with the advice of their physicians, their partner and their God,” Celsi said. “In contrast, if approved, this constitutional amendment seeks to take away a right to bodily autonomy and privacy.”

Senator Claire Celsi

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